Community Support

Everybody is welcome to visit the Radzen Community forum. Join the growing community and participate in the discussions!

The Radzen team monitors the forum threads but does not guarantee a response to every question. For guaranteed responses you may consider the Dedicated support option.

Dedicated Support

Radzen Ltd. offers dedicated support with the Radzen Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

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A Radzen subscription provides:

  • Dedicated support over email with guaranteed response time (24 hours for Radzen Professional and 16 hours for Radzen Enterprise).
  • Full access to Radzen - the first WYSIWYG Blazor development environment on the market.
  • Premium themes and visual theme customization.
  • Complete Blazor application scaffolding from the most commonly used databases - MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Built-in deploy to IIS, FTP, Zip and Azure.
  • Multi-tenancy support

Source Code licensed under MIT

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